Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crappy Day

Hey all,

Ever have one of those days where you just wanted to stay in bed? I am having one of those days today. It all started early in the morning when I was in bed. I felt something on my head and was kinda finding it hard to breathe.

While I was sleeping in a sorta fetal position in bed, my lovely and wonderful fiancee had rolled over onto the top of my head and I was finding it a bit stifling to say the least. I don't know what she was dreaming a bout. later she had gotten too hot under all the covers and had thrown them off and kneed me in the kidney too. Now I know this was done while in her sleep and not meant to be harmful to me. Well, I told her about it and she was very apologetic when she was getting dressed at 5 am.

I was tired and sore and still had an hour before I had to be at work. Well when I did finally get ready and was off to work, my fiancees car was behind mine and she had the car keys! Luckily My co-worker Dan answered his phone and gave me a ride to work! THANKS DAN!

Work wasn't much better. The students have not been paying attention and have been making stupid mistakes. I know what you are thinking, no big deal. Well if there are 12 students that stupid mistakes times 12! Who gets to hear about and get griped out for these stupid mistakes? ME, that's who! I was mad. I got my bi-weekly deposit done in record time though. i always work faster when I am pissed off. (Isn't that right Jason Morgan?)

Well work was no better. I have had two workers quit on me due to better jobs. So I have been interviewing people. But it will take a few weeks for the paperwork to get done. Which means we will be short handed for a while. I really wish them good luck but it is a absolute pain in the ass! I used to get mad and rant and rave over shit like this but I now see there is no point now.

I am just looking forward to going home and holding Blanca. Maybe going and getting my new glasses, I really am turning into Grandpa Kitteh!

later people, thanks for letting me rant a bit!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hey people, Its Wednesday and I have been training staff how to use the computers to do inventory for books. We have had our students doing it for a little over a week now. This is my 3rd attempt to start an inventory since I had this job. Before I got little or no support from my superiors and it would always fizzle out half way through. This time my boss is pushing the buttons and helping get things set up and so far we are behind schedule, by a month, but it is progressing now. We have had a few snags and I went on vacation but it is going. We have had more trouble from the Staff who are to be running computer 2. They are whining that they can't reach the top shelf or bend over and reach the bottom shelf!!! My God what a bunch of babies! My boss is going on vacation for a week so that will be cool. Maybe she will de-stress and calm the hell down! I know it worked for me. I was ready to beat people with their own severed arm before my vacation. I think I may need to start drinking again, that may help! LOL!!!!

On a lighter note I am going to make a big batch of refrigerator pickles tonight. We have a ton of cucumbers in our fridge that need to be used or eaten. We have eaten a lot of them but i like them better as pickles!

Going to Waurika again this Sunday, Blanca and I are taking the kids to the lake and have a cookout while getting burned by the sun. I got a hair cut last weekend so I have to put sunblock on the top of my head for sure now, plus wear my hat too! I hate wearing hats, they make my head itch! But with the hair leaving the ole noggin then it must be the way. Getting old sucks. Oh for the carefree days of youth!!!!

I have to mow the yard this weekend too, yippee. I still think those people who love to do yard work are just plain crazy. I hate doing it and always will! I may just cement the yard and put down astro turf! Perfect yard all year round! I am getting used to the domestic life now. I'm house trained and all now! I even have a grill to cook out back! Now that is domesticated!!! All I need now is a cat like above! But as Blanca has never had a pet she is hesitant to get one. As she claims, we are not home during the day,litter boxes smell and are messy,etc, etc. Oh well, we will eventually.
Well it is almost time for lunch now so I will sign off for now.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm back

Hi all,

I'm back after a LONG time, almost a year. I forgot the passwrod and haven't taken the time to get it reset. Alot has happened in a year, i can't recall much of it but I know things have. LOL!!! Some important new stuff in my life is i got engaged to my love Blanca Rowe. And NO, we haven't set a date for the wedding yet!!!! We are not in any hurry to get married. Gods and Monsters, why are people so damn hurried to get married anyway! Its like jumping off a cliff just because everyone else is doing it, do i look like a fucking lemming!!!! Ever hear of test driving a car before you buy it, same concept. Well we went on vacation week before last. We went to South Padre Island, Texas! We took no pictures because we didn't want to haul around a camera. But it is a really nice place to go, if you don't count the 11+hour drive to get there from Wichita Falls!!!!! Ye Gods Texas is big! It wasn't so bad on the way back since we had a good nights rest before we left.
So, I have been making refridgerator pickles and have eaten the first batch and I made batch 3 last night. batch 2 went to my parents where I eat them when I visit like last weekend. Man they are good and Dad's got cucumbers by the bucket load from the garden!!! Here is the recipe if anyone is interested. http://homesicktexan.blogspot.com/2007/07/with-patience-comes-pickles.html. I think they need a little less salt though. I took out one pickle and filled it with water and they were wonderfully perfect!!! Well, more later as I got some stuff to do! Later people!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Retro, thing 22

Well I combined 22 and 23 last time and it seems I must seperate them, ok. Well I think our library would be improved by doing a 23 things for our library. I know my students (12 of them) would benefit with a 23 things training. i would tweak some stuff as some of it repeats. As our staff here had to do the 23 things this summer it was like pulling teeth to get some of them to participate. Some were damn near rabid when confronted with the task. While i thought some of it was repetative I enjoyed the exercise. My own staff are pretty young and know about most of this stuff already but there is such a wide array of things that some would be new. It would help them understand that there is more than one way to skin a cat so to speak. So I think this would be benefitial in the intial training for all my student workers. Thanks!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Thingy 23!

I have really enjoyed doing the 23 things this summer. A lot of my co workers have resisted the new change in the way the library is going as if it would kill them. We have used Facebook and others already and have had a working knowledge of these things for a while. At least those of us who embrace new things. I loved Imagechef way too much. most of the things I made were uncouth but they made me and my friends laugh histerically! But isn't this whole little experiment about having fun and learning new things? The parts I didn't care for others may have liked. that was the diversity this exercise offered and it was a refreshing change to rehashed lectures and boring meetings! So I shall continue to do my blogs sporaticlly but they will be solely my own and I will drop all restraints and be myself. So if I offend anyone, that's me!!! See ya'll later!

Thingy 21! Podcast

I view podcast all the ime on www.newsarama.com. Most reacently they had coverage of the San Diago Comic Con. I feel podcast are usefull for giving directions to those who would find reading long directions boring. I also get podcasts on my Zune and view them on it all the time. I like video podcast and think audio podcasts are a pain.

thing 20 Youtube

I love YouTube. I have an account there and I look at videos on it all the time. A friend of mine refered me to the one called the Angry librarian and it sounds just like it was from our library!
I laughed so hard!!! So did my student assistants!